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People, Places and Pooches!

We have a NEW GATE CODE starting this MONDAY! Your card will not work but your clicker will! We can enter using the #code issued by the managers. If you are a resident and need this code please contact the managers or email me through this site.

Here's Malcolm Cobb pointing to the eye where he had cataract surgery!

Anna and Mogens Hjorting from #83 enjoying the beautiful day!

Here's new neighbor Jim Coombs from #74 doing all of his own landscaping..Looking good Jim!

Betty Montano aka Mom helping me gather info....

I just heard that this beautiful tree will have to come down due to sad. I can't see any disease just thriving new growth! It is bearing down on the neighbors house quite a bit though....May they could just trim that part???

Here's Tom Jones-the big tree is in front of is house.

Here's a surprised looking kitty!

I have always admired Mario Pezzatti's veggie garden up on the hill!

Mario Pezzatti

Bunny Proof cage

Here's Joyce with her Bunny proof harvest...Yum!

Look who I barged in on today!

I love these little dogs....

From Left: Annelie Zase with Lucy; Mark Pattiz; Kate Wren and Laddie Bo Dill!

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