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Blind Love...

We found several people out today on our 'walk and roll'...One in particular had a very sweet story to share...

Four days ago Len Tindell of #246 adopted this little dog named Daisy. She was found on the side of the road by Len and his friend near Hollister and Fairview. Daisy was staying put by the curb, she was lost, confused and blind.

Len and his friend sensed this was a lost dog and stopped to pick her up. Daisy was wearing tags so they took her to the Animal Rescue.

The owners were called and they said they didn't want Daisy anymore and abandoned her. Len decided to adopt Daisy on the spot and brought her back to his home in Rancho Santa Barbara. Daisy is totally blind but Len thinks it may be cataracts which can be treated with surgery. I told him that must be quite expensive to which he quickly replied, "that doesn't matter". Daisy once was lost but now is found, was blind but now may see thanks to our compassionate neighbor.......Len you are a hero!

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