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Happy New Year and NEW INTERACTIVE RSB Website!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I started this website in 2017 to be an informative site for residents and others to showcase our wonderful community. During this time we put a lot of content in to see what people might respond to.

This year, 2018 I have simplified it immensely!

It is now more interactive so if you have something to say you can post your story on the forum page or in the classified sections. You will be able to post anything you like and even include pictures. This way everybody can play a role in adding informative content to the site without having to wait for me to post it.

Thank you!

Glenn Novack Spc #23

Sweet Kitty Needs A New Home!

Submitted By Donna Higbee:

I rescued this gorgeous cat from Villa Alamar Alzheimer's Facility, where her owner died years ago and she had been put out on the back patio to live. The conditions were not good and, since my mom lived there for 2.5 years until she died this year, I was able to take care of making sure she had food, etc. But mom died in March '17 and I stopped going every day, and no one else took responsibility for making sure she was okay.

I went in after church every week but that was only one day a week. When the fires started, the new administrator just wanted her gone, so I was very happy to take her from that unhappy environment before he took her to ASAP. But now I have to find a good indoor-only home for her with people who will love her. She is very gentle and sweet and very mellow.

She is ideal for a middle-aged person or couple (hopefully young enough to care for her properly). I really appreciate your help with this. Thanks,Donna Higbee #327

From the Kitty:

My name is Splenda and I'm a very loving and sweet girl. I was left outdoors when my elderly owner died. Although people put out food for me, I never was allowed inside out of the rain, the cold, and now the ash. I desperately need and want an indoor-only home of my own with people who will love me and appreciate that I'm mellow and very happy just to lie next to you while you watch TV. I was rescued by a woman who had been checking on me for some time, and at this moment, I am living in a spare bedroom in a mobile home. But this is temporary and I need my own home and people to love and who will love me. I use a litter box and have been checked out by the San Roque Vet Hospital. I'm approx. 10 years old (no one knows for sure). I'm healthy and beautiful. Can you give me a home, please? Phone number is 805-964-3889.

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