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THE RSB SOCIAL EVENTS FUND, what is it for and who can access it?


Over the years the owners of the park, and interested parties, have donated annually to sponsoring resident activities for events where all residents are invited.


In the past (prior to Covid 19) at least one social event was held every 3 months to celebrate holidays, recognize accomplishments, or just to get together and have a good time with one another.  These events normally would be planned and executed by RSB volunteers and paid for by the generous donations we receive every year.


If you are interested in hosting an event for residents, please submit an application to the front office and they will contact the fund treasurer for approval. You may click        to download a copy of the application or pick one up at the front office or Social Events Bulletin Board in the clubhouse.


With nearly 60 years of events and activities being created by volunteers with the support of management and Park owners, The Rancho Santa Barbara Social Events Fund remains dedicated to community events and is always looking for new volunteers and sponsors to make some great events happen.

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