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Dear Prospective Residents,

We are proud of our community and hope that you will find our Park to be an attractive place in which to live and enjoy. Please keep the following in mind during your search for a home:

1.    You are encouraged to make a tour of our Park and inspect our common areas and facilities to make certain this community is a match for your interests and needs. Please note, our Park covers many acres and occasionally may be a home for various types of plants and wildlife that are part of nature and beyond the control of management. These may include without limitation the following: birds; deer; opossums; raccoons; skunks; coyotes; wild cats or dogs; rabbits; squirrels; an occasional mountain lion; snakes; rodents; insects; and plant/grasses/trees that possess and drop leaves, needles, sap, pollen, seeds, etc.  

If you have a pet or are thinking about acquiring one, please consult the Pet Rules section of our Rules and Regulations for specific details and requirements.


We also invite you to make a full tour of the neighborhoods surrounding our Park so that you can observe the character of these neighborhoods, nearby freeways, highways, rail lines, airports and other forms of transportation, schools, shopping facilities, nearby businesses and public buildings, facilities and services.

Please note, we cannot guarantee low-noise levels, the absence of typical residential neighborhood issues such as resident vs. resident disputes, improper vehicle use such as speeding or illegal parking, or other challenges beyond the reasonable control of management.

2.    Please note that our common areas and facilities may have designated hours of operation and that most facilities are not open all day (e.g., the clubhouse is not open twenty-four hours each day.) You should also consult the Park’s written Rules and Regulations for other pertinent information about the common areas and facilities. These areas may be closed periodically for a variety of reasons, including without limitation privately reserved resident functions, maintenance, repairs, improvements or modifications.

3.    We believe that you will be pleased with the Park’s level of maintenance of its common areas and facilities. Please understand, however, that maintenance levels may vary from time-to-time based on a variety of factors such as the economy, availability of labor, climate or seasonal variations, government regulation or restrictions and other factors. The Park’s common areas and facilities are also subject to ordinary wear and tear as is common in this industry and for our particular type of community. The Park also reserves the right to alter, add to, or discontinue common areas and facilities as needed and in accordance with applicable law.

4.    We believe that the Park’s utilities (gas, water, sewer and trash) are adequate to serve the needs of the typical homeowner(s). Our electrical capacity is limited to the service available (50 amps) at the electrical pedestal at each home. Before buying a home, you should determine the level of electrical service available is sufficient to meet your needs and the electrical rating of your home and its electrical appliances, as well as other devices that you intend to use or install. Additionally, telephone, cable television and other telecommunications services must be obtained from outside sources. There may be utility/drainage infrastructure facilities located either above or below ground on the home site you wish to rent. These facilities are essential to the operation of the Park and cannot be moved. They may need to be repaired an/or replaced periodically.

  5.    There may be a need to conserve utilities such as water, gas and electricity in the future. Conservation measures, whether voluntary or involuntary by order of governmental agencies or utility providers, may require reducing landscape irrigation, changing thermostat settings in buildings or changing swimming pool/spa temperatures/hours of operation. Other actions may be necessary in the future to conserve energy or resources.

   6.    Most home sites in the Park have only one driveway for the parking vehicles and depending on the size of yours vehicles you should be able to park two (2) vehicles in your driveway. If you have more than two vehicles, you must park the additional one outside the park on the city streets. Please note that you are not allowed to park extra vehicles in guest parking spaces or on Park streets.  Review our Rules and Regulations on parking for further guidance.

    7.   Please understand that Park Management cannot be responsible for acts of nature such as the weather, rain, snow, hail, ice, wind, fog, underground water tables or springs, high water tables, earthquakes, wild fires or other similar events or circumstances.

    8.  Please note that the homes located on the other home sites near your home may be replaced in the future by new/different homes that may be larger (in both height and width) than the homes which now exist on those home sites. Such replacement may affect existing views, etc.  

   9.   This is a senior (55+) independent living community in which residents take care of their own personal and residential needs (vs. assisted living where support and care is provided).    

   10.  If you are ever dissatisfied with the Park’s level of maintenance, please report this in writing to

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. -RSB

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