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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your residency requirements?

  • You must be 55 or over.

  • RSB must be your primary residence.

  • You may have only one dog (35 lbs adult weight), or no more than two indoor cats.

  • Once approved by management (escrow does not close without approval) you will be expected to maintain your home and landscaping properly, respect your neighbors by following all rules, regulations, and architecture standards of the Park, with rent and utilities being paid on-time.



Can someone under 55 live with me?

  • All residents must be 55 or over.



How much is the space rent and what amenities are included?

  • Between $500 to $800 per month. This includes the rent for the land your home is on, and the use of the amenities of the park (clubhouse, pool, spa, golf course, 2 dog parks, pickleball courts,  fitness center, and 50 private acres of ambient beauty to walk around and enjoy) .

  • Garbage, recycle and sewer are included as well. Gas, electricity and water usage costs are added to your monthly statement and is maintained and supplied by the Park (vs. a major utility company supplying the home directly).



Can I own a rental property there?/Do you have any rentals available?

  • Rancho Santa Barbara is an owner occupied only community. You may, however, rent your place for up to three months per calendar year for a variety of reasons (conditions apply).


Can I have a copy of your rules and regulations?

  • We will be happy to answer any specific questions if you have any concerns regarding rules of the Park.  If you make an offer on a home here, our application packet includes a copy of the rules, regulations, and architecture standards, and will be given to you at that time.


Can I drive through the park and look around?


  • Certainly! The gates are open 8--3 weekday, but please respect the privacy of all park residents and remember, all of our facilities are considered private and for use by residents and their guests only. Attempted use or loitering at any facility will be considered trespassing.


What is the price range of mobile homes in your park?

  • Please consult a real estate professional.  Home prices vary depending on size, condition, location, age, and landscape.

Can I get a list of homes for sale in your park?

  • Please consult a real estate professional.  If you make an offer on a  you will need to apply for tenancy with Park Management.  Thank you.

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