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Great Courses is a DVD-based learning program where a course is taught by a noted professor. No homework or exams, we just watch the videos and sometimes discuss what we've learned. They have bazillions of courses on DVD, and some audio-only on CD.


We usually do two at a time - each lecture is a half hour. We watch the videos in the Library on the first and third Mondays at 6 PM. We're currently watching courses on microbes and archaeology.


Before that we had one on great voyages of discovery, and we've also had great turning points in history, the biography of Mark Twain, the history of languages, and the science of weather.


There are as many as 8 or 10 people when everyone is there. Great Courses at Rancho Santa Barbara 1st & 3rd Mondays at 6 p.m. in Rancho Santa Barbara library 30 min.

Lectures Mysteries of the Microscopic Archeology: An Introduction World - Professor Bruce E. Fleury - to the World's Greatest Sites Tulane Univrsity Dr. Eric H. Cline - The George Washington University Capitol Autoimmunity-Self versus Self Archeology Institute


6/1 Prehistoric Archaeology

6/19 Allergies and Asthma Gobekli Tepe, Catalhoyuk and Jericho

7/3 Microbes as Weapons Pyramids,Mummies, and Hieroglyphics

7/17 Pandora's Box King Tut's Tomb 8/7 Old World to New How do you Excavate at a Site? 8/21 Close Encounters of the Microbial Kind Discovering Mycenae and Knossos

9/4 Microbes as Friends Santorini, Akrotiri,and the Atlantis Myth

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